New Church Starts

The Congregations of the Ohio District are committed to the expansion of the Kingdom of God through new mission churches. These new mission outposts are the focal point of making disciples in their communities.

Church Planting Philosophy

New churches are true mission congregations, seeking to reach and disciple people who are unchurched. The congregations of the Ohio District are responsible for starting new churches. This is because your congregation knows the local mission field much better than the Ohio District staff. The Ohio District’s role is to provide training, resources and coaches to support local congregations in starting new churches. 

First Steps in Starting a New Church

The greatest challenge in starting new churches is often taking the first step. The New Church Task Force is available to meet with you or your congregation to talk through the process. Contact Rev. Derrick Hurst at 937.209.0321 or email: to schedule a visit. 


New Church Starts Information


New Church Starts Task Force

Rev. Derrick Hurst

Assisting congregations in starting new churches is one of the Ohio District’s primary strategies for fostering the fulfillment of the Great Commission, Rev. Derrick Hurst and the New Church Task Force work with congregations and teams starting new churches.