Resources for Congregational Study


As suggested by the 2019 Synod Convention, the following resources were collated by Ohio District delegates to the Synodical Convention in July. It is our prayer that you will find these resources beneficial for "Making Disciples for Life," Synod's theme for this triennium.

1. Every One His Witness (National Witness Comm.)

2. Eyes of Life & Lutheran's for Life materials (Mercy Comm.)
3. Making Disciples for Life (Life Together Comm. & Retention Comm.)

4. 500th Anniversary of Reformation continued celebration (Life Together Comm.); study of Luther's writings, 1519-1522:

a. "Here I Stand" proclamation at Diet of Worms, 4/18/2021.
b. Freedom of the Christian
c. Priesthood of the Baptized
d. Baptism
e. Lord's Supper
f.  Absolution

5. Lutheran Confessions study dealing with close(d) communion (Life Together Comm.)

6. Six-Day creation resources from CTCR (Theology & Church Relations Comm.):

9. The Child as a Gift of God paper (Church & Culture Comm.)

a. (not posted on LCMS website yet)
b. CTCR Life Issues documents 

11. Encourage Lifelong Catechesis in the Home and Church

Congregations make use of many resources, including but not limited to:

A. 2017 Luther's Small Catechism
B. Annotated and expanded Large Catechism (forthcoming from the Commission on Theology and Church 3 Relations)
C. Upcoming book by Dr. John T. Pless: Luther's Small Catechism – Manual for Discipleship
D. Rev. Peter Bender: Concordia Catechetical Academy (
E. Concordia Publishing House materials

16. Support Marriage, Life, and Family

The Synod's publishing arm, Concordia Publishing House (CPH), has produced a wealth of materials in this area, e.g.:

  • Your Marriage by God's Design
  • Grounded in God's Word: Commentaries on Life Issues
  • The Lutheran 45 Difference: Marriage and Family
  • Five Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Stronger
  • Made for Each Other:
  • Newlywed Resource; Ethics of Sex: From Taboo to Delight
  • United in Christ: Preparation for Christian Marriage
  • Devoted to God and Each Other; Together is Better: Marriage Devotions and Activities
  • Hello My Name is Single
  • Commitment: God's Plan for Engagement and Marriage (high school curriculum)
  • Without This Ring: Surviving Divorce
  • Changing Currents: The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage
  • Five Things You Can Do to Have a Stronger Family
  • Family Trees and Olive Branches: Creating a Culture of Grace in Your Family
  • Renewing the Family Spirit
  • Blessings and Prayers for Parents
  • Faithfully Parenting Pre-Schoolers
  • Faithfully Parenting Tweens
  • Faithfully Parenting Teens
  • Sexuality Mentality: Creating a Culture of Biblical Integrity
  • Learning About Sex (sex education curriculum)
  • Sexual 8 Morality in a Christ-less World
  • In the Image of God: Gender and Sexual Identity

... and many others.

PDF of above-listed resources