Constitution Committee


The LCMS Ohio District Committee on Constitutional Matters has been given the responsibility of examining the constitutions and by-laws of District congregations. The Committee consists of Pastor Paul Hoffman, Chairman, and Thomas and Jean Moffitt. Usually, our Committee examines revised constitutions and by-laws, but once in a while we consider a new constitution from a mission congregation. 

Any questions, contact Rev. Paul Hoffman.

Here are the four usual questions we receive and their answers:

1. What is the process for submitting a congregation’s constitution and / or by-laws?

The Committee recommends that congregations should submit any changes that they make to their constitutions or bylaws for the sake of order.   You don’t have to submit policy statements. Here is the process for submitting:

A. Congregations should send their new or amended constitutions to Mrs. Lisa Rachul, District CFO, via the mail at P.O. Box 38277, Olmsted Falls, OH 44138 or you may e-mail your constitution to her. Be sure to include the name of a contact person and his/her e-mail.

B. Lisa will register the constitution and send it to the Committee.

C. The Committee will examine your constitution/bylaws and make their recommendations, if necessary, for any changes. If the Committee approves your constitution, they will recommend that the Board of Directors ratify it. If your congregation must make changes, you must return the amended constitution to Rev. Hoffman.   Then your constitution will be approved and recommended for ratification by the Board.  

D. Once the Board ratifies your constitution, the District Secretary will advise you of the Board’s approval.

E. Then you should send a clean copy of your approved constitution / by-laws to the District office by mail P.O. Box 38277, Olmsted Falls, OH 44138 or email Lisa Rachul.  Now it is the official constitution of your congregation.  

2. Are there some examples that we can use as we revise our constitutions?
3. What about a statement about the division and dissolution of the congregation? Is that necessary?
4. Our congregation wants to affirm the sanctity of marriage as opposed to same-gender marriage. Should we include this in our constitution?