Week of May 26, 2024

St. Mark Lutheran Church – Brunswick, Ohio (Rev. Steven Girard)

Pray for those in the military: Christian N., Darby H., Joseph O., Sam G., & Preston B.

Pray for healing & strength: Cherise, Bernie, Sonja, Mel, Carol, Jack, Eileen, Sandy, Sharon, Myron, Jodi, Jerry M., Shirley, John M., Don, Jan, Jerry A., John S., Joyce, and Sharon H.

Pray for healing & recovery: Troy, Ethan, Sue, Mike, Mark, Michelle, Judy, Nathan, and Eileen.

Pray for those in distress: Samantha, Rob, Evan, Dani T. & family, Linda, Brian, Kenneth, Gabi & family, Johnny, and Kathy.

Pray for healing from cancer: Dan N., Blake B., Theresa L., Pat H., Nancy M., Dawn S., Jean K., June, Lisa B., Ray W., Stephanie, Christine N., Ron G., Dawn, Laura, Kevin D., Laura H., Jerry M., Michael & Michael Jr. W., Jerry A.

Pray for those who are shut-in: Kathy H., Jean M., Elberta W., Rikki J., Eleanor D., Rosa R., Marilyn W., and Roger A. Sr.

Lastly, we pray for strength, endurance, and guidance for our Pastor and church leadership.


Christ Lutheran Church & Preschool – Cincinnati, Ohio (Rev. Andrew Norris; Preschool Director Teresa Sedam)

Prayers for the Cincinnati Federation program reaching out to Muslims (POBLO) and the work of Ramy Y.

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Charleston, WV (Rev. Frank Ruffatto)

LCMS Mid-South District

Thanksgiving and prayers for safety for those who serve in all areas of our military.