Week of May 28

St. Stephen Lutheran Church – Defiance, Ohio (Rev. William Stottlemyer)

Christ Lutheran Church and Little Bud of Christ Preschool – Cincinnati, Ohio (Rev. Andrew Norris; Teresa Sedam, Preschool Director)

Church Picnic on June 11th and VBS July 10-14, 2023

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Huntington, WV (Rev. Frank Ruffatto)

LCMS Minnesota North and Minnesota South Districts

Minnesota North Requests:
Multi-point parish ministry challenges and opportunities. MN North has 60% of our churches that are dual, tri, or part-time parishes. This requires our pastors and people to be united in doctrine and creative in the daily work. We ask for wisdom from the LORD on how to best care for souls and serve our communities.
Financial stability for our workers. Many of our congregations are being challenged by the costs of health care which too often leads to placing the burden on the worker's family. We pray for good stewardship and that the LORD would provide when our churches care for their called workers.
The Circuit visitors of MN North (and Ohio District). Our circuit visitors go the extra mile while serving their own parish. We give thanks for their work and ask that the LORD would give them strength to continue to serve faithfully in their office.

Miscellaneous Requests:
Nancy R. and James (Mike) B. at Robinson Memorial Hospital
Healing for Rev. John Suguitan (Prince of Peace-Cincinnati) as he was recently diagnosed with a type of blood cancer.