Week of April 23

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Tiffin, Ohio (Rev. Dr. Jan Kucera)

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, School & Preschool – Fairborn, Ohio (Rev. Keith Witte, Principal Melony Marciniak)

That God would provide a principal for our school--our call committee recommends calling Mr. Scott Ferguson.

For Bethlehem staff members who are undergoing treatment for cancer--Deb B. and Kim T.

For God's guidance upon the Ministry Clarity/Visioning Process at Bethlehem.

In thanksgiving that Chaplain Witte finished his training for the USAF Reserve Chaplain Corps.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church of the Deaf – Columbus, Ohio (Rev. Edwin Bergstresser)

LCMS Kansas District



Jessica, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, has a special needs child, and now needs to find a new place to live.  May our gracious God give healing, care and provisions for housing.