Week of May 15, 2022

Living Word Lutheran Church – Galena, Ohio (Rev. Derrick Hurst, Madalyn Short – Director of Family Life)
Thanksgiving that Living Word has welcomed 92 new faces to membership over the past 12 months! “God has richly blessed us here and we pray that God continues to keep us focused on the work He has in front of us. As we move our worship outdoors for the summer months, we pray that God would allow us to be a beacon of hope in our community and to provide tangible connections to the grace of Jesus in all we do.”

St. John (Nottingham) Lutheran Church and School – Cleveland, Ohio (Rev. Walther Marcis; Rev. Ronald Rollins; Principal David Peck)

Redeemer Lutheran Church – Convoy, Ohio (Rev. Michael Saylor; Rev. Robert Becker)