Week of March 20, 2022

Trinity Lutheran Church and Preschool – Zanesville, Ohio (Rev. Andrew Wilson; Erin Webb, Preschool Director)
For the congregation, that their members would continue to be equipped and strengthened to serve God's creation in His love.
For the preschool, that the students and their families would continue to hear the Good News of Jesus and trust in Him.
For the youth confirmation students, that they would be prepared to make a bold confession of their faith in Jesus both now and throughout their lives.
Prayers of thanks and praise to our gracious God that He has faithfully been the help of Trinity in the ages past and our sure hope for all the years to come.

St. John Lutheran Church – Elyria, Ohio (Rev. William Mugnolo)


General Petitions:
Thanksgiving that Karen M. has now taken 40 steps with her new prosthesis and using her walker.
Thanksgiving that Carol K.’s foot is healing properly and she is getting around easier, now that she is going to PT.