LCMS Youth Gathering


Youth from the Ohio District have always traveled to National Youth Gatherings since they began. 2022 will be no different. Planning teams are already hard at work to make this upcoming event worthwhile and meaningful for teens. To see what's being planned at the National level go to the Gathering website at:

Have you noticed the name for the LCMS Youth Gathering has changed a bit?  "National" has been dropped. That's because so many teens and chaperones come from many places around the world, it is now the LCMS YOUTH GATHERING.

The Registration Fee for the 2022 LCMS Gathering has been set at $395 until March 2, 2022. After that date there will be an increased rate to $450 per person.

As registration for the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering, In All Things, draws near, the Gathering Office has provided resources to aid in your group’s registration process. The excitement builds as we continue to see youth gathering together to learn more about In All Things and participate in fundraisers. Thank you for investing in your young people!
The Youth Ministry staff has been working on a new registration program to make the process easier for our Adult Leaders. Please visit the registration page on the Gathering website. 


  • Gathering Registration Book
  • Youth Participant Worksheet
  • Adult Leader Worksheet
  • Congregational Worksheet
  • Special Needs Form
  • LCEF Account Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Key Planning Dates:
April 2022:  Team Flex Application Closes
May 4, 2022:  Registration closes
July 9, 2022:  2022 Gathering Begins!

If you have teens in your congregation who may wish to attend the gathering and need to be connected to a group, contact Karen.

Karen Dutton, our Ohio District Youth Ministry Coordinator is serving as the District Coordinator for those attending the LCMS Youth Gathering in 2022. Contact Karen with any Gathering questions you may have as she has many answers to Gathering questions. Call or e-mail her at 216-496-1799 (cell); 216-587-4222 (St. John, Garfield Heights) or  

The Ohio District will offer bus transportation to and from thegatheringbus Gathering. Buses will be leaving from the Northeast, Northwest, Central Ohio and the Southern regions. The locations for pick up will be determined once groups have signed up, anticipating that locations will be no more than an hour drive from the home church. Decisions will be made once the group deposits have been received and it’s known for certain who will be riding the District buses to Houston.

There are two options:

Option 1. Buses will leave Ohio on Wednesday afternoon, July 6th and drive through the night, arriving in Houston on Thursday afternoon, July 7th. This option will allow for extra time to see some sites in and around Houston.

Option 2. Buses will leave Ohio on Friday, July 8th, arriving in Houston on Saturday, July 9th with enough time to check in at hotels and get ready to get to the opening Mass Event for the 2022 LCMS Gathering.

With 50 riders on a 55-passenger bus, Option 1 will be $335 per person. Option 2 will be $315 per person. Taking the bus allows for taking a cooler and some snacks and other food besides personal baggage.



We’re planning a fun, late-night event at Shirley Acres. Our Ohioshirleyacres District Event will be after the Mass Event on the last night of the Gathering. This event center is outside downtown Houston so our Ohio District buses will be providing the transportation.

What to expect once you get there? Lots of food and fun! There’ll be food stations, line-dance instruction and dancing, and maybe some other huge Texas surprises for our Ohio District guests!
The District Event package deal, including a District shirt and other things, should be no more than $55 per person.
District T-Shirts and other items will be made available at ala carte pricing.



Feeding people at an event as large as the LCMS Youth Gathering can be a cumbersome task! The Directors and Planning Teams have been discussing how to best give our group good food options during the Gathering. Here’s what’s been shared so far . . .

  • There are many restaurants near the area of the GRB Convention Center including some in the underground tunnel system but remember the tunnels are closed on the weekend. (If there’s a change and they remain open, we’ll do our best to inform you!)
  • Hall A in the GRB will be the ‘Food Hall’ during the Gathering. There will be various food options there.
  • Various concessions throughout the GRB.
  • There will be FOOD TRUCKS! They will be open for lunch and dinner. Lamar and Avenida de las Americas streets will be blocked where the food trucks are located.
  • The Gathering Planners are working on meal tickets and food options for some evenings.





Concordia TX

Concordia-Texas invites you to visit and stay on their campus! Contact Candace Hill for information about how your group can visit the three days prior to the 2022 LCMS Gathering. Her email address to communicate with her is:

Team Flex Application

(Closes April 2022)

The application process to serve as on Team Flex is now open at Team Flex volunteers will serve across various aspects of the Gathering including the Convention Center, Stadium Events, and Gathering Support. Volunteers of all skills sets are encouraged to apply.

These volunteers are able and willing to serve for a minimum of 4 hours for a single day or up to 8 hours a day for 5 days. Team Flex volunteers will receive access to the Gathering only on days they serve.


  • Be 19+ years old at the time of the Gathering.
  • Have a willingness to serve as well as a commitment to perform specific volunteer tasks.
  • Be willing to complete a criminal background check.
  • Be able to provide own travel, housing, and meals.

Know someone who should apply? Encourage them to do so at

While young adults are able to serve on Team Flex, the Gathering encourages young adults ages 19-25 to serve as a Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) at the Gathering. To learn more about the YAV opportunity, please visit The YAV application remains open until December 31, 2021.