Constitution & Bylaws

Ohio District LCMS Constitution Review Process

Every congregation of the Ohio District is required to submit their constitution and by-laws to be kept on file at the Ohio District office.  The Ohio District LCMS Committee on Constitutional Matters has been given the responsibility of maintaining and examining the constitutions and by-laws of the District congregations.  Rev. Paul Hoffman is the chairman of the committee.  The committee reviews revisions to constitutions and by-laws for existing congregations and new constitutions for mission congregations.  Questions regarding constitutions and by-laws should be directed to Rev. Hoffman via email at

The process for submitting revisions to your congregations constitution and/or by-laws is as follows:

  • The congregations should send their new or amended constitution and/or by-laws to Lisa Rachul, Ohio District Chief Financial Officer. This can be sent via mail to 25000 Country Club Blvd. Suite 220, North Olmsted, OH 44070 or via email Please include the name and email for the congregation’s contact.
  • Your documents will be logged and forwarded to Rev. Hoffman for review by the committee.
  • The committee will provide any comments or changes as necessary and return the constitution and/or by-laws to your congregational representative named in point 1 above. Communication regarding the changed constitution and/or by-laws including the revised documents as approved by your congregation should be sent to Rev. Hoffman at,
  • Once your constitution and/or by-laws are approved by the committee, they will be sent to the Ohio District Board of Directors for final ratification at their next regular meeting.
  • Once ratified, Rev. Hoffman will contact your congregational representative that the constitution and/or by-laws are final. A clean copy of the approved documents should be mailed to the Ohio District at 25000 Country Club Blvd. Suite 220, North Olmsted, OH 44070 or emailed to Lisa Rachul at

Synod’s Committee on Constitutional Matters (CCM) requires that each congregation include a division and dissolution statement in their constitution.  This statement should include direction for the disposition of the congregation’s assets.  This disposition can be made to the Ohio District or any valid, comparable IRC Section 501(c)(3) organization.  If there are questions regarding this statement, please contact Rev. Hoffman.

More detailed guidance and information can be found on Synod’s website on the Commission on Constitutional Matters page. Click Here to visit that page.