The annual live nativity originally held at Grace-Oberlin is now at St. Matthew-Vermilion. 

The members of St. Matthew-Vermilion, Bethany-Wellington, and Grace-Oberlin are honored to host this event that will share the wonderful story of Jesus and His birth. Members from many neighboring churches will join us to present the Live Nativity.

The walk-through Bethlehem will be on Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Walk-through presentations are approximately every 15 minutes.

Shepherd tour guides will take you through the city where you will meet the Tax Collector, several shop keepers, King Herod, the Inn Keeper, the Angel of the Lord, a Choir of Angels, and finally the Holy family surrounded by live animals. After your tour, you will be invited to our fellowship hall for warm drinks and lots of home baked goodies.

Over the last 19 years, we have reached 1,000's. Two years ago, we set a record by sharing the true meaning of Christmas with over 1,200 people. We would love to break that record on our milestone year. See FLYER for more information and to publicize within your area.

This presentation is FREE to the public. Please bring a non perishable food item that will be donated to the local community food shelves.