(current as of August 3, 2020)

Clergy Calls



 Current Congregation 


Calling Congregation 


Jeff Smith, Feb 2020   St. Paul, Westlake OH   St. Paul (Senior), Westlake OH
Everette Greene, Feb 2020   Immanuel, Cincinnati OH   Trinity, Cincinnati (now dual parish)
William Gauger, Feb 2020   Good Shepherd, Florence KY   Trinity, Genoa IL
Emil Gretarsson, May 2020   Holy Cross, North Canton OH    Open Arms, Slidell LA
Aaron Stinnett, June 2020   St. Paul, Parkersburg WV   Redeemer, Smithfield RI
David Weirauch, July 2020   Redeemer, Sidney OH   St. John and Immanuel, Roger's City, MI


Daniel Broaddus, June 21, 2020   candidate, Concordia Fort Wayne   Zion, Edgerton OH
Jonathon Rusche, July 5, 2020   candidate, Concordia St. Louis   Trinity, Toledo OH
Joshua Gremminger, July 19, 2020   candidate, Concordia St. Louis   St. Paul, Westlake OH
Ken Castor, July 26, 2020   Emeritus, Ohio District   Wilmington, Wilmington OH
James Fundum, August 30, 2020   Concordia Theological Seminary   Immanuel, Hamler OH


Wesley Hromowyk, Feb 2020   Zion, Columbus OH    Trinity (Rantoul), Potter WI
Michael Saylor, Mar 2020   Redeemer, Convoy OH    Our Redeemer, Solon OH




*Please check with each congregation that information on installations/ordinations has not changed since our office received the information. Thank you.



Clergy Status

Status Change 


Jerome K. Mitchell   Candidate status    February 4, 2020 


Bruce Breudigam        
Richard Davenport        
Jason Harris        
Jeremy Kleino        
Karl Koch        
James May, Jr.        
Jerome Mitchell        
Karl Rein        
Daniel Ruff        


Alvia M. Martis    Emeritus, Ohio District   February 12, 2020
Herman K. Dietrich, Jr.   Emeritus, Ohio District   March 11, 2020
Floyd L. Loeschke   Emeritus, Ohio District     March 20, 2020
Alvin A. Boehlke    Emeritus, Ohio District   March 25, 2020
Robert H. Hofener   Emeritus, Ohio District    April 21, 2020
George M. Pohlod    Emeritus, Ohio District    April 23, 2020





Vicars (2020-2021)

John Dolde, Zion Lutheran Church, Painesville OH
Daniel Gray, St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Ohio City OH
Austin Meier, Zion Lutheran Church, Columbus OH
Caleb Worral, St. John Lutheran Church, Dublin OH


SMP Vicars

Chris Ryan, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Chesterland OH



Spring Placement Report


Graduates Placed in the Ohio District

Spring graduates placed in Ohio District congregations include (if married, wife’s name is in parentheses):

  • Zion, Edgerton OH:  Daniel S. Broaddus (Teresa), Magdalena, MN – FtW
  • Trinity, Toledo OH:  Jonathon Rusche, StL
  • St. Paul, Westlake, OH: Joshua Gremminger (Anna), StL


Vicars in the Ohio District

Assigned as vicars in Ohio District for the coming year (if married, wife’s name is in parentheses):

  • St. John, Dublin OH: Caleb Worral, StL
  • Zion, Painesville OH: John M. Dolde, Fort Wayne IN, FtW
  • St. Thomas, Ohio City OH: Daniel L. Gray, Rochester NY, FtW
  • Zion, Columbus OH: Austin D. Meier, Grafton WI, FtW