The LCMS Board of Directors met on Friday, December 2 to discuss important issues and monitor reports from President Cripe and the District staff. Here are the major items that were discussed that day. 

District Staff, Personnel, and Volunteers
+ The Board approved the renewable three-year call for Mr. Travis Gulke, District Superintendent of Schools.
+ The Board approved the appointment of Mrs. Bobbie Glotzhober, Rev. Richard Habrecht, Rev. Doug DeWitt, and Mr. Robert Reisenbichler as the four District Reconcilers. We now have four Reconcilers due to a recent resolution at the synodical convention.
+ The Board approved the nomination of Mrs. Ingrid Lewis, DCE from Bethany, Parma, to serve on the Board as Commissioned Minister at Large.

Reports from the President and District Staff
+ President Cripe presented much demographic information to the Board. According to the statistics, Ohio will experience a very low growth rate. Ohio's growth has been characterized as"sprawl without growth." We as a District should be concerned about this since Denominations have historically grown by births naturally rather than through evangelism efforts.
+ Mr. Kevin Wilson, Executive Director of Mission and ministry, reported that 13 congregations have received Outreach Seed grants. There are new efforts to reach out to college students at Bowling Green University.
+ Mr. Travis Grulke, District Superintendent of Schools, reported that he has visited many of the District school, led chapel occasionally, and also worshiped with their congregations. He has helped several school as they dealt with their teachers. He also works with state legislators, thanks to Mr. Gary Smith, our advocate in Columbus.
+ Mrs. Karen Dutton, Youth Ministry coordinator, reported that an increased number of youth attended the Senior High Youth Gathering. The Junior High Gathering will be held in March, 2017.

+ Mrs. Lisa Rachul, District Treasurer, reported that the District continues to show a positive balance for available unrestricted cash. District Mission Support revenue is trending close to the same period as last year. She has had a conversation with Sunset Memorial Park regarding the purchase of the District building. They have toured the building and expressed an interest in purchasing it, but it's a waiting game.
+ Mrs. Rachul also presented the 2017 District budget which was later revised. The 2017 budget is similar to the 2016 budget with 21% of the budget being sent to Synod.

The Board approved the constitutions of Reaping the Harvest Ministries, LCMS, Cleveland, OH and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Painesville, OH.

District Missions
The Board will ratify today the resolution which allows the Ohio District Lutheran Church Extension Fund (ODLCEF) staff to enter into conversations to proceed toward a merger with the with the national Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). This merger will occur in 2017.

Next Board Meeting:  Friday, January 27, 2017 at the District office, Olmsted Falls, OH