The LCMS Board of Directors met at the District office on April 1, 2016. All of us Board members shared that we had a joyful Easter so we had a good beginning in the light of Christ's glorious resurrection. We heard First Vice President Michael Saylor's devotion as he reminded us that Jesus is our Shepherd to lead us sheep out into the world to engage the world so through them He can engage the world. He also shared an experience he had with a child named Dylan who attended the center. With this devotion in mind, the Board began to discuss some important items:

A. District Personnel items
1. Because our Ohio District Lutheran Church Extension Fund CEO, David Bowers, has announced retirement plans for 2017, the District is exploring the possibility of merging with the Synod's Church Extension Fund.
2. Rev. Paul Hoffman, District Secretary, reported for the Committee of Constitutional Matters (CCM) Task Force in relation to District Resolution 09-2015 passed at the 2015 District Convention. He noted that the Board has passed several congregational constitutions, so the congregations need to send their new constitutions to the District office. Even though Rev. Milton Berner is doing a outstanding job as chairman of CCM, the Committee should have several more members to insure that the process will continue. The Board appointed Rev. Hoffman to serve on the Committee and another member will be appointed later. It's also important that the Committee inform congregations about the process for submitting their constitutions and also how the Synod can also help facilitate a revised constitution.

B. District Finances items
1. Mrs. Lisa Rachul reported several items: a. both mission support revenue and available unrestricted cash show a positive trend in terms of giving. In fact, the mission support is a little ahead of the amount given in 2015, but not significantly. b. The synodical convention assessments have been sent to all the congregations and many have already paid it. c. The Internal Department of Synod conducted the District audit along with audit on the Ohio District Church Extension Fund (ODLCEF). The District did well, but it must release the temporary restricted funds. d. Lisa proposed that the District hold the 2018 District Convention again at Concordia University Ann Arbor which would save the District approximately $30,000. This proposal was tabled until the next meeting for the members to consider other possibilities.

C. District Ministry items
1. President Cripe noted several items: a. the District staff is preparing a folder to be distributed at circuit meetings which describes the services which are offered to assist congregations in the areas of youth and family services, mission planting, new ministries, coaching, and financial planning. b. a number of congregations have taken advantage of the new District ministry grants for revitalization. c. The preliminary results of the Professional Church Worker Survey are in – some 220 responded, but only 20+ spouses; pastors should try to get more spouses to respond. Results will come at May.
2. Mr. Travis Gulke, District Superintendent of Schools, noted several points: a. District schools are struggling to find new leaders and administrators. In fact, 70 teachers graduated from the synodical schools to fill 500 vacancies, so colloquy students are necessary. b. The District is going to partner with the Lutheran High School Association to hire a lobbyist in Columbus. Already it is projected that more Cleveland students will attend the high schools because the State will allow the high schools to participate in the voucher program. c. More preschools are starting up.

D. District Mission items
1. President Cripe note that he has been visiting congregations. His conversations at this point have been promising, with a number of congregations willing to step out and try to start something that will enable them to serve their community. Many congregations have expressed frustration about reaching the millennial generation.

Next Board meeting:  Friday, June 10, 2016 at Bethel Lutheran Church, Willowick, Ohio