St. Mark Lutheran Church – Brunswick, OH
Military: Christian N., Eric K., JD H., and Maxwell M.
Shut-Ins: Kathryn H., Don N., Elaine N., and Elberta W.
General on-going: Anthony J., Lauren R., Lisa B., Johnny T., Dani T., Dianna S. & Family, Brayden D., Sean A. and family, Linda R.
Healing from Cancer: Ray W., Nora S., Emma, Maria F., Dustie N., Damon B., and Don S.
Healing from Surgery: Cherise and Linda M.
Peace, Strength, & Healing: Deanna P., Dawn B., Darla M., Peyton L.
Rev. Steven Girard and staff.

Faith Walk Lutheran Church – Brunswick, OH
Congregant struggling with a verbally abusive and not mentally correct adult son and all the hurt and guilt being laid on her.
Congregant in the hospital as the doctors are trying to determine if her current medications are causing seizures.
Congregant who suffered a non-accident spine injury and is dealing with depression, anger and anxiety as she struggles with learning to walk again.
General health related problems for person who is just not feeling right and no one can put their finger on why.
Health and healing for Rev. Herzing as he is battling the flu.
FaithWalk as they continue to seek God's guidance on how to better reach the community and show His love to them.
"That Place" for teens as they serve the middle school aged children with love and a warm dry place to go after school.
Volunteers, finances and programs.

Valley Lutheran Church – Chagrin Falls, OH
Rev. Michael Henn, staff and congregation.