Concordia University-Portland is closing after this semester. This comes as a shock to the entire Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, as it was announced without prior warning. While a number of factors are contributing to the closing, two were enrollment declining from 8,000 students to 5,000 students and institutional debt.
Prayers are requested for the students who must find new schools, faculty and staff who are seeking new employment and all who are grieving the loss of their school. – Ohio District President Wilson

Comfort and peace for the family of Rev. Alvia and Joyce Martis, as both were called to glory (Rev. Martis on Feb 12 and Joyce on Feb 14).

St. Mark's Victory Lutheran Church – Boardman, OH
Continue on track to open new preschool.
Rev. Jody Dorsett, staff and congregation.

Faith Lutheran Church - Avon, OH
Vision process with LCEF.
Rev. David Woolsey, staff and congregation.

Crossroads Lutheran Church – Brook Park, OH
For Julie, Jessica, Abbey and Lauren as they seek to find their identity and confidence in Christ.
For Butch, Dave, Tim, Mike, Alecia and Cheryl - that the cares and worries of this world would not overwhelm them.
For Kayla, Miracle and Tim who are facing homelessness.
For Bryan's good health.
For broken relationships.
For those struggling with depression (quite a number of people).
For two young men and a young woman who are struggling with same sex attraction.
For Curtis, Tim, Tom, Julie, Owen, Dave and Josh as they struggle with addiction.
For Sean and Anthony during their stay in prison, along with all those who have a previous incarceration that is making it difficult for them to find good paying employment.
For Phase 2 of their church focus; faithful in creating growth opportunities for the congregants; faithful in creating opportunities for people outside the church to hear the Gospel; faithful in developing more leaders to share in the ministry; attendance continues to grow in Sunday worship, Bible study, tithes & offerings.
Be good stewards of the resources that God has given the congregation.
For Rev. Dave Walters, that he continues to grow in ability to lead his church with a vision of outreach and evangelism; continue to use the leaders that God has brought into his midst effectively without overloading them; selfless in willingness to serve this congregation while also pouring into his family.

Community of Hope – Broadview Heights, OH
That the presence of God defines this congregation. That God continue to send workers out in the harvest field; to lead and direct this congregation in paths that are right for His namesake.
Rev. Doug Seletzky, staff and congregation.