MISSION U trains lay people to share the Gospel in a 21st century setting. Each host congregation can choose the course appropriate for its members from a list of five options:

MU-101 – Equipping to Share: Everyday Evangelism. Learn to overcome fear and to effectively share your faith with these three relationship models.

MU-102 – Witnessing Methods. Seven Styles of Faith-sharing. Recognize multiple styles of – and contexts for- sharing your faith and learn to apply them to everyday life.

MU-201 – Dealing with Tough Questions.  Address common questions and objections to Christianity with sensitive and relevant answers that point to the Savior.

MU-202 – The Outreach-Minded Church.  Unified Vision and Mission. Assess your congregational environment, and learn to become more outreach-effective.

MU-203 - Sharing the Gospel in a Digital Age.  This course identifies and examines the role technology has played throughout history in providing avenues to proclaim the Gospel around the world.

MU-301 – "Christ Alone" in a Coexist World.  Learn to compassionately share the only truth- Jesus Christ-in a pluralistic, anything-goes society.


MISSION U Information Sheet