Jesus' words were very clear, "Go make disciples..." and " shall be my witnesses" and "Go into all the world and preach Outreachthe good news to all nations."

The task of every Baptized believer is to share the great good news with others while we watch the Holy Spirit work through the Word shared. How to do that. when, where, and with whom should we share makes this task more complex than it ought to be. The simple answer is that  we should "always be prepared to share the hope that is within us." 

The problem is that not many of us have the innate skills nor the tools to share the gospel. Some who have the desire to be better witnesses lack the confidence. That is why we, the staff of the Ohio District, offer our knowledge and experience to your congregation to help you develop the tools and skills to be a more competent and confident witness. 

We can train and mentor your Evangelism/Outreach team. We can help you assess your current outreach programs. We will be happy to train people in basic witnessing skills. Just ask us. Contact any of the regional MMF's who will immediately respond to your request for help.