Dear Pastors, Principals, and Early Childhood Administrators,
At the request of early childhood administrators and pastors, the Early Childhood Advisory Cabinet has developed Foundations of Faith Development. This seminar supports early childhood educators who are not members of Lutheran churches, who are teaching in a Christian school setting for the first time, or who need or want a refresher class in these areas. The curriculum is designed for preschool and kindergarten teachers and administrators.
The purposes of this class are to:  
  • Discuss the added dimensions of mission and ministry to traditional teaching/administration roles
  • Share an overview of Lutheran doctrine
  • Add information about faith development to early childhood educators’ knowledge of other aspects of child development
  • Provide a framework and ideas for teaching Bible stories and incorporating faith development throughout the day
  • Build a network of support for participants. 
We believe that the best way to consistently reach early childhood educators is to offer the class 
as an orientation for all new early childhood administrators and teachers, similar to the 
orientation offered to grade school educators in our district. Any other teachers and 
administrators would be welcome to attend, as well. 
The seminar will be held at two sites this August. Each seminar will be held from 9:30-3:30.  
Wednesday, August 8      St. John Christian Preschool, Dublin
Thursday, August 9          Ohio District Office 
How can you help? 
1. As a ministry team, discuss how educators at your school could benefit from this seminar, and identify possible participants. Consider this seminar for a team-building event for your whole early childhood staff if staff members have not participated in it in the past.
2. Be flexible with schedules so educators can attend the class.
3. Pay the fee which covers the class, lunch, and all handouts and learning materials. 
If you have questions, please let us know. We look forward to having your staff members participate in this seminar! 
In service to Jesus and His children,
Kevin Creutz, Superintendent of Schools, Ohio District, LCMS   

440-235-2297 x 14
Bonnie Stottlemyer, Early Childhood Consultant, Ohio District, LCMS

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Monday, July 30th - Tuesday, July 31st, The Ohio District Mission Support Center

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