LCMS Ohio District                                             September 15, 2018
Rev. Dr. Kevin Wilson, ACC
Ohio District President

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Youth Ministry
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Bus Options for the 2019 National Youth Gathering

Charitable Giving
Eileen Fitzenreiter

Read the 2018 September article entitled, "A Bequest to Save Taxes"
Hurricane Florence struck the south-eastern coast this past weekend with an exceptional amount of flooding and damage. 
Ohio District President Kevin Wilson is asking for your assistance to give and serve.  Please keep the victims of the storm and the various volunteers in your prayers.  Thank you!

CPH has put together Books of the Bible Study Questions, and recently for the book of Numbers (Wandering in the Wilderness).  Get helpful study questions HERE
CCF Family Life Seminar #3 on Saturday, September 22, 2018. This seminar will help churches and schools develop and teach couples Marriage in God's Way. It will also show participants how to implement a Biblical marriage ministry in the church and school to help couples get the most out of God's gift of marriage. Speakers are Rev. Dr. Todd and Heather Biermann, of Life in God's Way. Cost: $35/person OR group of 4 or more is $25/person. 

Redeemer Lutheran Church in Seymour, IN is hosting the New  Ambassadors of Reconciliation Regional Training Event October 22-25, 2018! This is the first time that a Reconciliation Training Event of this magnitude has been offered in this area!! For more information, see OVERVIEW, FLYER,