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Supervisor, Finance and Education Services, Marketing and Admissions
(440) 235-2297 ext 13
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Sara joined the District in June 2013 as Office Coordinator for the Education office. She has a background in Admissions, Marketing and Social Work. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Bowling Green State University.

Along with her District responsibilities, Sara provides assistance to congregations, schools and workers in the following areas:

  • Provides support and assistance for all commissioned worker paperwork; including Rosters paperwork, Call documents, and the CWU and the CMIF systems
  • Coordinates and supports Admissions for Elementary schools within the District
  • Coordinates Joint Marketing campaigns for schools within the District
  • Assists with planning and coordinating District events, including all Educators conferences, Ohio District conventions, and All Professional Church worker conferences
  • Maintains and updates the Lutheran Schools of Ohio website, social media platforms, the education sections on the Ohio District website, and prepares The Link Newsletter
  • Maintains the Google Group accounts for school administrators within the Ohio District
  • Provides support and technical assistance for the LEADs & Airtable databases
  • Processes and inputs the district deposit daily